Things I love & hate about crossfit

This is why I fell in love in crossfit:

  • It’s a combination of conditioning, strength, and gymnastic
    • Yes, it is! No wonder in the beginning, your body will change a lot (then as any other exercise, it reaches plateu, of course).
  • It introduces me to lifting in a fun way and now I love lifting
    • I used to hate lifting. However, through crossfit, I know that lift can be fun by putting different movement in between. In gym term – do superset where the superset is between strenght and a more cardio/conditioning focus.
  • It’s a full body workout
    • Unlike gym, crossfit will touch overall body muscles on every workout.
  • Every day is different
    • The workout of the day is different everyday. So if you get bored easily, crossfit can be a good option.
  • The community motivates you to be better each day
    • It’s a communal exercise, so you’ll see people and exercise together. This can be a good motivation. Also, there are ‘scaled’ program for those who can’t perform the real workout of the day, so you can challenge yourself to do what’s on the board.
  • The WOD is short and intense
    • Although the total workout is usually one hour, the workout of the days is relatively short. Sometimes it can be 12 mins! However, it’s intense so I can always feel the rising heartbeat.
  • I can compete
    • I can compete and this motivates me to perform better and better each day.

However, as much as I love it, there are some things that aren’t perfect:

  • It’s a game, not a training
    • Crossfit doesn’t have program. The workout of the day is a game plan that you do, where you have to hit time or rounds. In order to be good, you would need a separate training in each aspect, such as weightlifting, gymnastic, and conditioning.
  • It’s prone to injury
    • You want to be as fast as possible, so, the chance of performing the wrong form is way higher than other exercises.
  • It’s damn expensive compared to regular gym
    • I don’t need to explain it, just check how much the membership is.
  • If the coach isn’t good and you’re a beginner, you’re screwed
    • Since it’s a communal training, you need to understand that the trainer won’t be able to pay attention 100% at you. If you know how to do the movement already, then all is good, if not you might get hurt. ouch!
  • They are too fanatic
    • This is not a secret. Some crossfit people think that crossfit is the best and the only way to be fit. I dislike this mentality.

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