For the sake of ‘so I did it’!

For the last months, I’ve been ‘haunted’ with a thought on how I want to compete. Finally, the day comes when I have the courage to sign up and join a competition.

It’s called Lowlands Throwdown – a functional fitness competition in Benelux area since 2010. It is sort of a crossfit competition and open for everyone, including those who are not registered in any crossfit affiliation. The qualification is in 2 weeks and the final will be in October.

There is a small fee (15euro) to join a competition, which I think is reasonable compared to some other big sport competition. My gym will hold the competition in Amsterdam so I will go there and do the workout while being timed and assessed by the juries on the spot.

The best part of joining this competition is the fact that I join! To me, it’s more like crossing the thing I want to do and not necessarily winning the competition. My main objective is not to go to the next stage but simply just to show up and enjoy the game. Don’t get me wrong, of course I want to be qualified but for me, this is the first step to be confident to compete in something new.


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