WHAT New Year Resolution?!

It’s January. Everyone comes with their 2018 resolution….

My gym is packed, healthy meal subscription increased…. and boom! It drops again when January ends.

And someone asked me if I have any new year resolution.

My answered was ‘nope. Don’t have one. Never had any’. It’s as simple as I don’t buy the concept of – ‘oh it’s new year, let’s do this and this’.

My cynical side always think that new year is just another day. It’s like switching from 31 December to 1 January. Why bother? Isn’t it the same with 16 June changes to 17 June? Exactly! Just another day in our life.

However, my other side agrees that new year is a thing to celebrate. It’s a sign that we survive another 365 days on earth. Moreover, why not taking a chance when you have a reason to celebrate something?!


People put too much extragerration on new year resolution. My point is,  if you’re weak on your will, it won’t change suddenly just because the calendar changes, if you know what I mean. So – your resolution won’t be done.

Thus, whatever your resolution is, make a plan to reach it. Treat it the same way you treat your other objective. I don’t have new year resolution but I do have goals each year and I try to make plan on it. Not that everything was accomplished, of course – but most of the time, it goes somewhere.

Create some mid point check, if needed. This way, we know if in the middle of the year, we are out of our track to reach the goal.

Other thing is, take some time at the end of the year to retrospect on the goal. This usually helps a lot for the following year.

Most important, let’s not wait for new year to change your life. It’s just an excuse for us to not doing it now.

The key for successful resolution is set – plan – execute!

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