Blue Monday: The most Depressing Day of The Year

It is said that today is the most depressing day of the year in UK, at least. This is mainly because it’s the 3rd Monday in January: people are back from holiday, ran out of money after all the end of year season, starting to realize how their resolution goes no where, in addition to wet – dark – cold day. This term is popular as blue Monday.

I hope this ‘trend’ doesn’t make our lives gloomier today. This claim should not give us excuse of ‘oh everyone is depressed, so I also feel blue today’. We should – at least try to – treat this information as knowledge, instead of being influenced by it.

The free information flow has its downside and if I can mention one of many, is this kind of thing: (bad) influence. Btw, this is not my critics as I also believe that media is one source or rich knowledge. It is just sometimes our knowledge toy our own self.

There was a research that showed how the suicidal rate increase significantly after Marilyn Monroe died in August 1962. This was compared to the year before and after, also the month before and after. Thus, it is not my critic saying how media exposure can influence our decision making process in taking our life, I was simply stating the truth.

Media keeps exposing how today is perceived as blue Monday. Check this if you want to see how many news mentions blue Monday today. I checked Google Trends that capture the spike on people searching for the term it self today. 

Coincidentally (or sadly), it’s very wet since early morning today. Luckily, it is not a cold day for winter. There you go: one thing to be thankful of!

Media is a well-known tool to shape opinions and way of thinking. We – as someone who can think – need to learn how to separate fact and opinion. The facts are: today is Monday, 15 January, 8-11 degree, raining all morning but will get better in the afternoon and evening. It is also true that the depression rate increased today over year. {We don’t know if that is because of media or not. Hard to tell) The rest is opinion.

If somehow today we feel blue, let’s take some time before blaming blue Monday. It can be that this happens because we are lack of sleep last night or our boss just brought us a bad news. Do not let blue Monday take over our happiness today!

Stay strong and let’s believe that tomorrow is a better day.


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