Today is The Beginning

After all recent struggles with my eating habit (again!) for the last few weeks. I’d really like to reset my relationship with food and get back to track. In addition to that, my mood hasn’t been good recently and I suspect my food consumption is one of the root cause.

It’s been a bad time since the first competition because I just lost motivation to eat right again. ‘To lose weight” or “to look good” have never been a strong motivation for me to eat right. I need a better reason to stay committed. [ps. I understand that this happened because I’ve never been in an overweight situation, so I don’t mean to offend anyone here.]

In the past, my most powerful reasons are either ‘I start to feel heavy to run’ or ‘ I want to be in the weight-class I wanted for weightlifting’. Considering the last one worked extremely well last time – I will use this reason to hold me off from unconscious eating.

This been said, I still need a stronger reason to build a continuous healthy relationship with food, instead of doing a crazy stupid weight-loss for 1 or 2 week before the weight in time. I would still do weight loss diet for certain purposes (ie. before competition day) but losing weight isn’t the goal here. At the moment, my real – ultimate goal is to have a healthy relationship with food.

However, to reach an evergreen goal is extremely hard. I would need to break it down to something that is more human, closer, and more achievable for me. At least in the beginning, I need something that can build up my habit until eating right becomes an automatic pilot behaviour. So, I decided to note down the process here with some expectation:

  • To have a better reason to commit with this journey. As someone who hates to lose, I am hoping by telling the world about this plan, I will have a stronger social pressure to win over my craving behaviour.
  • As originally plan, this website is a mental support for myself. Thus, I am hoping whenever the desires kick in, I have an exit activity to bring back my conscious thinking and resist the temptation.

Today, I decide to restore my relationship with food. I setup my main goal, break it into smaller goals, plan, and try to stick with it. To be fair, the setting up is easier, the commitment is the hardest part but I believe – I can win over this.

They say, write down your goals and plan. So here we go:

Evergreen goal: to have a healthy relationship with food, sustainably.

The human goal for my brain: Always be on my weight class goal ± 2kg’ so that I can gain strength and cut easier.

I will whisper the human goal to myself whenever I feel weak, haha!

Execution Plan: 21 days to bring the habit.

First 3 days should be about breaking the old habit. Understanding myself,  I need to go a little bit extreme here: all or nothing. In this case: nothing – just so that I can cut the habit of eating all crappy food all day long. The other 18 days, I will focus my energy to eat with right pattern: 3x a day with a normal portion.





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