Deep Breath, Let Go

Today is day 2 and I am pretty happy with the process of repairing my relationship with food. I managed to stop myself from eating too much.

I didn’t do what I originally planned for the first 3 days (ie.drastically cut my calorie intake and replace 80% of my food with vegetable) but I managed to swap my junk food with real nutrious food. No crisp, no cereal, and eat with normal portion.

What surprised me was that I managed to stand in between the line yet not crossing it. I went to a spanish restaurant, ordered pork cheeck and some shared tapas, finished my meal happily but I also could stop myself from eating every single food on the table or getting extra crisp after the meal. Considering the dinner happened after a glass of wine, I was proud of that. A small proof that I conquered my binge.

Similar thing happened this morning when I could stop myself from eating all food prepared by my mother-in-laws. Instead, I ate a small portion, cooked extra vegetable on side and enjoyed it.

Yesterday and today, I try to really notice what I eat. Tried to eat slower and think why I eat those things. Is it hunger? Boredom? Tiredness?

When I was about to grab a bag of cereal yesterday, I took a deep breath then walked away. This saved me. That 5 second of incoming air on my nose allows me to think with my concious brain, not only my emotion.

I leant that by taking a deep breath, I can let go my emotion and desire and thus be more conscious of myself.

Ps. The image I posted is the amazing pork cheeck I had yesterday.

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