Have a Little Faith

‘Sometimes faith is all you need.’ – Anonymous

When I grew up, I had goals I wanted to achieve. It was as simple as being part of basketball team to moving and working in Europe.

I refer them as goals, not dreams. Why? because I don’t believe in dreams. I didn’t and I still don’t. Dream happens when you sleep. You can’t really control it and you don’t know what dream you will get tonight. On the other hand, goal is something you want to achieve. More importantly, it is something you can plan to achieve. You work towards it. When you have a very strong goal from your deepest mind (and heart), every decision you make – conscious and unconsciously – leads you towards that goal.
(ps. I think that’s why people say when you want something so strongly, the universe will help you. I believe it’s mainly YOU help you!).

I used to set up my goal first and ignored planning. I would say ‘I’ll pay my own fees by age 18′, then I would try to find a way to do it. It was the same with getting scholarship. My goal was not to take a master degree in The Netherlands. My number one goal was to live overseas, as far as possible from home, preferably Europe, and be an expatriate. Getting scholarship was the way to live that goal. Believe me, I considered other options such as au pair or working but scholarship seemed to be the most feasible one.

In the last few years, I have a goal to be qualified in regional/national British weightlifting.

To achieve this goal, I only see two possible ways:

1. increase my lifting total

2. be in the weight class

I didn’t start lifting when I was young. Although I am gifted with an extreme good mobility, explosiveness and power is not my plus point. It takes lots of patience to get where I am today.

One thing I’ve learnt from lifting is that I have to believe in the process. I have to have faith in my coach and my training program, or in my meal planning, or in my sleeping pattern – EVEN when it doesn’t show any progress (just yet). I can’t max out every day and hope that I will hit new numbers because of that method. There will be training cycle when I need to improve certain things, either it’s technique, consistency, absolute strength, or some weak point in my lift. I must get through this cycle before I reach new numbers. That’s just how it work and I can’t simply skip it. (well – maybe you can if you are the outliers, but I am not).

There are times when it feels like stagnation. No PB for few months, no new total for competition nor training. During this period of time, I feel frustration and sadness. There are even times when I need to drag my self for training but I try my best to never let it get me.

When I complained about this, my coach kept saying ‘you just don’t know. You are stronger now, we just need to tune your speed and it will come’. He was right. Few weeks passed, I started to see new numbers. I could feel that even when I missed a lift, I missed it in a different way. I made a progress in a way I didn’t know.

Weightlifting has taught me there are things I can’t rush. Some things take time (although time is relative so….) and patience. It has showed me that there are things when setting up a goal without concrete plan won’t work.

Unlike the young me who solely set my eyes on the prize, I’ve learnt to have a little more faith during the process and enjoy my journey. Remember, when your in doubt, sometimes you just need to have a lite faith and good things will come.

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