Sunday brunch: chili cheese toast

Homemade chili cheese toast

Resep hari ini terinspirasi dari sebuah restoran India modern di London bernama Dishoom.

Mereka menamainya chili cheese toast.

Bikinya gampang kok, walau rasanya gak 100% sama!


roti tawar putih

keju cheddar parut



Daun koliander

Cabai hijau, buang bijinya

Garam secukupnya

Lada hitam secukupnya

Mentega (salted)

Cara memasak

1. Campur keju parut, seledri, daun koliander dan cabai hijau di dalam mangkok

2. Panaskan oven dan panggang roti di dalam oven perlahan-lahan hingga roti setengah garing

3. Sambil menunggu, panaskan teflon anti lengket, oleskan mentega secukupnya dan ceplok telor. Saya suka setengah matang namun ini bisa sesuai selera.

4. Taruh telur dan campuran keju di atas roti dan taruh kembali kedalam oven. Panaskan hingga keju meleleh.

5. tada!!

It is impossible not to love someone who makes toast for you. – Nigel Slater

Breakfast is A Treat

I have mentioned few times that I have love-hate relationship with food. My tendency is to have a non-stop meal when I am bored followed by regret/sadness. I am glad that it has been better recently compared to mid 2017 but the struggle to eat right consistently is still there.

As my struggle continues, I notice how breakfast has a huge role on my future meal of the day. When I choose the right meal, it gives me joy and happiness. On the other hand, when I start with something too sweat, I tend to feel sick and crave for the rest of the day. Thus, I start to come with two rules for my breakfast.

First rule is to eat things I love that don’t make me sick. What does this mean? I eat whatever I want, as long as it does not have any negative impact on my stomach health. On savoury side, crisp and fried food are my favorite things. On the sweet side, cheesecake is my hero. However, I will not eat these three things in the morning, regardless how much I love it as it will have negative impact for my day (ie. sickness or tendency to eat junk food the whole day). I also don’t eat cereals in the morning as it makes me want to eat junk food later on the day.

After a while, I have found my true love for breakfast: toast, banana, and peanut butter/jam/Nutella. When I crave for savoury breakfast, I’d go for toast & eggs. (PS. Now you can see how toast is my source of happiness, hahaha!) I realize that peanut butter is full of fat and still not so healthy but these combination makes me happy. It makes me ready to face this unpredictable world with positive mind. So, every morning – after my training routine, I usually have this combination. I consciously ignore my coworker who tease me with ‘oh – that’s look healthy’ statement whenever they see my plates full of banana, toast and peanut butter. I don’t care, it makes me happy – short and doesn’t harm long term – so I’ll have it.

Second rule is to eat healthy thing in the morning. This way, I am less concern if I don’t have a chance to have vegetables or fruits on that day for whatever reason. To accomplish this, I have my green juice before or during my morning training. It is made from green vegetable (spinach or kale), carrot, and 2 types of other fruits (usually among tomato, apple, pear, orange, or berries). Truth or myth, I have a belief that this juice supplies my body with fiber and vitamins.

If you notice, I put rule no.1 as food I love, instead of healthy food. There is a valid reason for this: allowing me to eat things I genuinely love in the morning suppress my will to binge eating on that day. Of course this statement is not always true but it is 90% of the time true. It really helps me not to buy a big pack of crisp + french fries + spring roll + full portion of Chinese take away + half round cheese cake and finish it at one go.

So… yes, I treat breakfast as my treat. No matter how hard my day will be, at least I have that 15′ to eat things I really love and get ready to face the world. Breakfast is my life therapy.

Extra Lean Cheesecake

Cheesecake is my favorite cake so my husband made me one on my birthday.

This one is a high protein one, with low fat, and low calories.


  • 2 packs of 0% fat cream cheese (or soft cheese)
  • 1 tube of 0% fat greek yogurt
  •  3 eggs
  • 2 scopes of protein powder


  • Mix everything in 1 bowl with electric mixer until it becomes puffy.
  • Put in the oven for high temperature (165 C) for 25′
  • Put in the oven for low temperature (60 c) for 25′
  • Leave it to cold for an hour, then leave in the fridge for 2 hours

Some notes

It’s better to use a fruity taste protein powder (eg. strawberry cheesecake protein powder) as the other ingredients are pretty plain.

You can add some topping or cookie-based crust too. However, cookie-based crust sounds like ruining the concept of this cheesecake, so maybe – light foam cream + fruit might be better.

Find What Works For You

It doesn’t matter what people say, most important is to find what works for you‘ – me, regarding eating habit.

How many diet, healthy lifestyle, and eating habit articles have you read? If you are someone who are concerned on these issues, I bet the answer is: a lot! Do you find anything in common? I found the dots (not-rocket science, really): whatever the marketing name is, the underlying theory is the same:

  • If you want to lose weight: cut down the calories.
  • If you want to be lean/lose fat (regardless the weight): pay attention to you macros.

Losing weight

If you want to lose weight, the basic theory is simple: calories in < calories out. Reaching this condition, you’ll lose weight.

You don’t have to cut out specific type of food (e.g. no carbs at all) – you just have to make sure that total calories you consume is less than what you burn. This way, you’ll lose some kgs/lbs.

This been said, it is also true you need to eat the right types of food in order to be in your calories macro, yet not starve. For example, a slice of regular cheesecake is around 350kcal; 250-300g chicken is also around 350g (as long as not too much sauce involved!).  The question is: which makes you feel more full?

Body Composition

It’s a different game when you want to lose fat, or be leaner, or build mass. It’s not only about the calories but also your macronutrients (i.e. carbs, protein, fat). For example, if you aim to lose fat while maintaining the same body weight, it might be wise to add more protein and cut some carbs (and moderate fat, of course) to sum up your maintenance calories intake.

Athletes and body builder pay lots of attention on this, in addition to total calories intake. However, I believe, we all have to pay attention on this.

Imagine eating all your calorie quota from crisps or cakes. You can still be in your macro but how unhealthy will you be?

Do what’s work for long term

When you pay more attention on calories, you start to eat consciously. The dark side of this is once you know it, it will stuck in your head forever. The good part is, you start to choose what’s better for your body.

Personally, I can’t cut one specific type of food for more than three days. My will is not that strong, sadly. Thus, I avoid eliminating one type of food (that I like) as I know the sustainability will be low. However, I have been trying (soooo haaaarrrrdddd) to reduce my unhealthy favorite food (i.e. crisp and fried food). I have even tried to schedule these food within my healthy eating plan so that I won’t crave for it and end up eating all at once.

Does it always successful? Nope! At least, I manage to pay more attention on what go into my mouth and I believe this is better than nothing. We all have to start somewhere, don’t we?

In many ways, I pay a lot of attention on calories intake. It’s like an automatic calculator in my head since there was time when I tried to reduce my calories intake to lose 2-3kg. At the moment, I don’t go as low as ~700kcal/day anymore, especially due to my training. However, I try (sooooo haaaarrrrdd) to at least not eating over my maintenance quota on weekly basis.

This pattern works best for me as it gives freedom to eat whatever I want as long as it fits my macros. You can imagine me become pickier since I would consider what I will eat to fit in my macro. Eating cheesecake for afternoon snack would lead to eating a bowl of green salad (without dressing) in the evening – so I still do this habit just not on everyday basis, else I’d starve every night without warm dinner meal.

To me, whatever the diet name, it’s best to do what’s best for ourselves. Don’t cut one specific type of food if it isn’t sustained. Don’t eat lots of meat if you also love pasta for the sake of paleo diet. Remember, everything in moderation is good. Just keep your goal in mind (and more important, in heart) – remember the two basic rules and enjoy your meal!

Zucchini creamy pasta

There are times when one glass becomes two, then three, then four….

Then, midnight comes and you start thinking… ‘I’m hungry! Let’s eat.’

Here’s what we made (we = my friend and I helped): Zucchini pasta. It tastes as good as the real one (yeah – we put all the cheese as real pasta!) with much higher fiber and lower calories.

zucchini pasta


  • 1 Zucchini
  • Baby tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Ungrounded white pepper
  • Mozzarella
  • Parmesan
  • Oilspray to pan-fry
  • Basil
  • Salt & grounded black pepper (if you want to)


  • Cut the Zucchini as pasta (I used below tool)Zucchini pasta maker
  • Heat the pan, spray some oil, and put garlic and ungrounded pepper. Then add the zucchini.
  • Add mozzarella
  • Add tomato
  • Depends on your preference, turn off the heat when the cheese melt & zucchini is soft. [PS. the longer you cook it, the more it will be similar to pasta.] — We did it for around 7mins
  • Then, TADA! serve on plates, add parmesan cheese & basil

What a health(ier) pasta, right? Just don’t do it at midnight as we did!


Dibalik Cintaku Pada Makanan Manis

Kenapa kita (yes – kita: anda, saya, tua, muda, dan semuanya) terobsesi dengan makanan manis dan berkalori tinggi?

Sebelum saya jabarkan alasannya, mari kita samakan persepsi dulu tentang makna ‘terobsesi’ dalam konteks ini. Terobesesi disini artinya tubuh kita secara otomatis menyukai makanan manis atau berkalori tinggi. Terobsesi disini tidak berarti kita selalu mengkonsumsi makanan manis dan berkalori tinggi.

evolusi test

Sesuai teori evolusi, hal ini berkaitan erat dengan bagaimana leluhur kita hidup dan berjuang untuk memperoleh makanan jenis ini di masa lampau. Dahulu kala, di saat nenek moyang kita masih hidup berpindah-pindah di alam terbuka, buah-buahan yang manis (dan berkalori tinggi) tidak mudah ditemukan dan disukai oleh semua pemangsa yang ada. Jadi, di saat salah satu dari mereka menemukan makanan ini, mereka akan berusaha untuk melahap sebanyak-banyaknya, secepat-cepatnya, sebelum pemangsa-pemangsa lainnya datang. Inilah mengapa, walaupun saat ini kita hidup di kota modern yang dilengkapi dengan kenyamanan dalam mendapatkan semua makanan tersebut, tubuh ini masih ingat jelas perjuangan nenek moyang kita. Dengan kata lain, walaupun memori ini tidak hadir dalam otak kita, tubuh kita secara otomatis memiliki tingkat candu tersendiri terhadap makanan ‘langka’ ini.

Percaya atau tidak? well.. semuanya terserah Anda. Saya percaya bahwa ini hanyalah satu teori berdasarkan evolusi. Tentunya cabang-cabang pengetahuan lainnya akan menjabarkan alasan berbeda mengenai hal ini.


Overeating VS Binge Eating

Pada postingan sebelumnya, saya sempat membahas mengenai binge eating, keadaan di mana seseorang cenderung makan berlebihan dalam jangka waktu tertentu walaupun tidak merasa lapar, diikuti dengan perasaan malu, sedih, atau penyesalan setelahnya.

Pertanyaan yang sering ditanyakan adalah: bagaimana membedakan antara over eating dan binge eating? (PS. perlu dicatat bahwa keduanya sama-sama tidak sehat, bedanya binge eating merupakan masalah psikologis dan terjadi secara rutin).

Saya bukan ahli yang mungkin bisa menjawab pertanyaan ini secara 100%. Namun, secara umum, ini adalah perbedaan mendasar:

  • Durasi.
    • Binge eating adalah over eating dalam jangka waktu pendek, yang terjadi secara berulang, minimal satu kali dalam seminggu dalam jangka waktu 3 bulan. Jadi, jika hanya 1 kali makan berlebih karena ada pesta BBQ, jangan langsung khawatir bahwa itu adalah binge eating.
  • Kontrol.
    • Penderita binge eating sering merasa tidak bisa mengendalikan diri mereka di sesi binge terjadi. Ini memang agak rancu dengan lemahnya willpower, tapi menurut saya, saat episode binge eating terjadi, sungguh deh, rasanya ngunyah dan menelan itu sudah otomatis saja – bahkan di saat makanan yang ada sebenernya tidak terlalu disukai. Kalau saya disajikan cheesecake dan akhirnya tidak bisa menolak, itu lemahnya willpower tetapi kalau saya tidak berhenti ngunyah memakan semua hal yang bisa saya beli, apakah itu benar-benar willpower?
  • Emosi.
    • Merasa sedih, menyesal dan malu setelah sesi binge eating, diikuti dengan diet berlebih di kemudian hari merupakan tanda penting bagi mereka yang mengalami binge eating.

Hari ini, misalnya, saya makan agak berlebih – setelah 3 hari berhasil untuk makan dengan benar. Namun, untuk pertama kalinya, saya merasa bahwa makan berlebih ini semata-mata karena lemahnya willpower, dan bukan karena sesi binge eating. Maklum, yang disajikan adalah salah satu menu favorit: gorengan. Duh, kok rasanya susah luar biasa untuk menolak ‘racun’ yang ini!

Selain itu, saya menyantapnya secara sadar, dalam artian, selama 3 jam – saya menyantap gorengan yang ada di meja, secara perlahan-lahan dan di saat ada kawan saya. Artinya, tidak ada lagi rasa malu untuk makan (walaupun agak berlebih) di depan orang lain. Lebih penting lagi, walaupun agak berlebih, saya berhenti di saat saya mulai merasa kenyang. Biasanya, saya akan lari ke supermarket di jalan pulang, beli snack lainnya, dan makan di jalan atau di kamar.

Walaupun saya tidak bangga karena saya makan 400-500 kcal extra dari quota kalori saya hari ini, saya cukup senang karena saya tidak merasa depresi atau sedih setelahnya. Saya juga cukup bangga karena saya bisa berhenti nyomot gorengan itu di meja dan tidak berkeinginan untuk beli hal lainnya di jalan pulang setelah bertemu kawan saya. As they said, one step at a time.