There are 3 things that genuinely make me happy:

  1. exercise
  2. food
  3. dance (although I don’t do it as much)

However, I don’t have a healthy relationship with them all time, especially food, where I have a tendency to just eat whenever I am bored or has nothing to do. I have the struggles of eating right since I moved to The Netherlands in 2013. It got better a while ago, then recently – this unhealthy relationship hit back.

After analyzing many things, one way to keep me sane is to have a project. So, here it is…

Sufom – Support for Mind – my small project to cope with my life, bad eating habit, and making sure I don’t overexercise due to boredom! As it is called, it’s a support for mind (at least for me), where I’d write about different things, mostly about mental health, food, work, and exercise.

You may notice that I’d write either in Bahasa Indonesia or English due to my mood & preference on the spot. Hey – we have google translate, right? So, if you really are curious, you can due the translation.


Screen shot 2017-07-11 at 21.33.39

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